Over 60 performances in the categories of music, new media and visual arts.


  • Yannick Rieu Quartet « When jazz meets China »
  • Yves Léveillé Quintet « Wood Essences »
  • Jacques Kuba Séguin Quartet « Litania Projekt »
  • Marianne Trudel Trio « Trifolia »
  • Les Tireux d’Roches
  • Sagapool

Multimedia and visual arts

In collaboration with Shanghai Highnoon Arts & Culture Centre, Shanghai Lijiazui Outdoor Arts Festival and Quebec Office in Shanghai:

  • Visual arts exhibition by Michel Beaucage
  • Installation “Purity Garden” by Marianne Papillon
  • Installation “The Tree’s Point of View” by Manuela Lalic
  • Multimedia installation “CD Church” by Yi Zhang : Shanghai Lijiazui Outdoor Arts Festival