Considered one hubs of international jazz, Quebec and his talented band scene have been able to develop a unique style evolved in the wake of the American and European jazz. Rooted in a multicultural mosaic of English and French traditions, the creative imagination of the musicians of this Nordic land is tinted large areas of forests out of sight, of northern lights and fjords.

Ambassadors of this contemporary, vibrant and adventurous music, four of the best Quebec bands crisscross the roads of China in October 2015. Twenty exceptional creators and improvisers will seduce Chinese music lovers with this postcard from North America. A lovely passport that is unique to jazz and makes light, rich and universal music.


  • October 22-24 : 4 shows, master class and official receptions at the Canadian Embassy and the Quebec Office.
  • A 4 concerts series at Beijing East shore Jazz Live Café



  • October 25-27, 2 concerts at Symphony Hall (Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall), 2 master classes and an official reception at Guangzhou Jazz Festival in collaboration with the Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou.