• Haiying Song: founder, CEO
  • Yannick Rieu : artistic director
  • Haiying Song  and  the team in China : communication and diffusion
  • Xinhua Chen : coordination

Special counsellors

  • Normand Baillargeon:  Writer, columnist, historian of the anarchism and activist of the “Collective for a quality education”
  • Paule Beaudry : Managing director of a dance troup ”Danse sur les routes du Québec
  • Jean David : marketing senior consultant; speaker, coaching of companies
  • Luce Couture : president of DSR and director of Centennial Theater
  • Ke Chaoping : executive president of China International Ally Venue and managing director of Hangzhou Theater
  • Song Zhujun : managing director of Shanghai Highnoon Culture & Arts Centre
  • Marie Bernier : counsellor for market diffusion/development, coaching  and DSR coordination


  • Samuel Lalande-Markon : designer and web content
  • Kristina Wagenbauer : videos
  • Yi Zhang : illustration
  • Pierre Chailler : writing and translation (French and English)
  • Jason Wang and CCCÉC : Chinese translation