First edition of the Canada Quebec Arts Festival

First edition of the Quebec Arts Festival in China will take place from October 13th to November 6th 2015.

Being the second world economic power as well as Quebec’s first export market in Asia and second in the world, China has a huge potential for developing business, scientific, educational and cultural partnerships.

Canada Quebec Arts Festival partnership agreement was supported by the Prime Minister, Mr. Philippe Couillard, during his mission to China in October 2014. The China-Canada Culture Exchange Center, founder of the festival, is proud of its strategic cooperation with the National Center for the Performing Arts, Shanghai Highnoon Culture & Arts Centre, Shanghai JZ Music Festival, Hangzhou Theater, China International Venue Ally (CIVA),  Guangzhou Jazz Festival and Shanghai International Arts Festival to promote and to recognize the extraordinary creativity of canadian artists and cultural wealth.

Year 2015 is defined as a landmark for Canada and China, which celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations. Incidentally, the 1st edition of the Quebec Arts Festival in China will aim to recognize Quebec’s cultural wealth and creativity.

Mission : to create a major annual festival of Quebec in China, sharing the spirit of innovation through culture and art; to contribute to the cultural promotion of a comprehensive partnership.


Festival visibility

  • 6 groups in tour
  • more than 60 shows and public sensibilisation activities
  • exhibition in visual arts and multi-media
  • the event will take place in 15 cities in China
  • the Festival collaborates with 8 festivals et 12 prestigious concert halls in China
  • more than 155,000 chinese spectateurs reached

Mission of the Quebec Prime Minister in China

From 26 to 31 October 2014, the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard leaded an important economic mission in China. He was accompanied by 150 people stemming from the business, education, research and culture domains.

For the first time, cultural companies and organizations were part of the commercial aspect of this mission. For instance, Les 7 Doigts de la Main, the China-Canada Culture Exchange Center, Cavalia and the Partnership of the Montreal  Entertainment District were able to present and emphasize the cultural wealth and creativity from Quebec. These cultural companies and organizations were also able to establish contacts with possible partners, knowing that this country has a great potential as a market.

Among the striking moments of the mission, let us mention:

  • the signature, in Beijing, of an agreement of strategic cooperation for the promotion and distribution in China of Quebec creations in performing arts (between China-Canada Culture Exchange Center and China International Venue Ally);
  • the signature, in Jinan, of an agreement of strategic cooperation on the cultural management of projects in performing arts between the provinces of Shandong and Quebec (between China-Canada Culture Exchange Center and Shandong Performing Arts Alliance Development Co. Ltd.);

Resource : (Ministry of Culture)