Project Description

Yannick Rieu was the 18th recipient of the Oscar Peterson Award, originally created during the 10th edition of Montreal International Jazz Festival, to celebrate the quality of his art and his outstanding contribution to the development of Canadian jazz.

As early as 1988, Down Beat, the American bible of jazz, ranked him amongst the 20 most talented saxophonists in the world alongside Branford Marsalis, Joe Lovano and Courtney Pine. Since then, Yannick Rieu has played throughout the world and collects praise and awards, both for his recordings and his performances on stage.  He received three Félix from ADISQ for the best jazz album of the year category for “What Is the Colour of Love”, “Little Zab”, and “I Is Memory”.

The project entitled “Yannick Rieu Quartet – When Jazz Meets China” presents a hybrid music, rooted in jazz tradition while using sounds from Chinese original music.

This idea emerged from previous tours in China (more than ten since 2006) which gave Yannick Rieu the opportunity to deepen his knowledge and interest for Chinese music. These trips served to collect a large number of records from various parts of China and become familiar with their singular and inspiring musical language.

It is obvious that the instruments with very singular stamps enrich Yannick Rieu’s creativity as well as the specific use of breath, ornamentation and vision of the traditional music role (representation and illustration of the nature-rain, sun, wind, fog, etc. via the melodies) help to create an original sound, a particular color to the group.


  • Yannick Rieu: saxophones, samples and compositions
  • Jean- Sebastien Williams: Guitar
  • Morgan Moore: electric bass
  • Gregory Ritchie: drums


  • Sunset
  • China’s Voice
  • Duan Qiao
  • La Longue marche
  • Nam
  • Wu
  • Song of Yimeng Mountain

All compositions by  Yannick Rieu, only  with the exception of  the Songs of  Yimeng Mountain and Duan Qiao. The music played will be selected among these titles


  • October 14 :  Changyi Performing Arts Center
  • October 15 :  Lishan Theater
  • October 17 :  JZ Festival Shanghai
  • October 18 :  Jiangxi Arts Center
  • October 19 :  Zhuji Theatre
  • October 23 :  National Center for the Performing Arts
  • October 24 :  National Center for the Performing Arts
  • October 24 :  Beijing East Shore Jazz Live
  • October 26 :  Guangzhou Jazz Music Festival
  • October 27 :  Guangzhou Jazz Music Festival
  • October 29 :  Liuzhou Arts Center
  • October 30 :  Kunming Theatre
  • November 1 : Hangzhou Theater
  • November 2:  Ningbo Yifu Theatre
  • November 3 :  Shaoxing Lantian Theatre
  • November 4:  Ningbo Wuxiang Culture Center
  • November 5:  Hangzhou (master class)